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Smart technology

With SFI™ as the foundation, layered with exceptional connectivity and fully integrated with smart technology, our end-to-end solution is designed to maximise your residents' wellbeing while significantly reducing operational costs

Smart technology
Smart technology
Your building management systems are integral to cost-saving, environmental protection and resident welfare.

Find out how Glide’s solutions give you the granular data and control you need to build a safe and healthy community, and to see significant improvements in your operational efficiency.

What we can do for you...

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Smart connectivity & IoT

Integrate and streamline all smart technology in your building for a better resident experience

Lower costs on building management

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Access and analyse energy consumption on a granular scale to avoid waste and implement fair usage policies

Typical Energy Cost Saving: 10–20%*

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Managed thermostat heating

Saving money one room at a time. Intelligent thermostats and smartphone control

At least 5% typical cost saving on room heating & cooling

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Environment monitoring

Optimise living conditions for residents for enhanced resident experience

2–3.5% improvement in productivity

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Water management

Prevent leaks before they become a serious problem and ensure regulatory compliance with automated safety measurements.

£2.5million spent in the UK per day on repairing damage by water§

*European Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) estimate of savings based on energy data availability and potential interventions.
†Based on a range of enhanced control interventions, from better thermostat control and control limits through to matching heating demand profiles and enabling responses to energy tariffs.
‡Improving Indoor Air Quality Improves the Performance of Office Work and School Work, P. Wargocki 2005 & The Workplace Advantage - The Stoddard Review 2016.
§As reported by the association of British Insurers.
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Smart Connectivity & IoT

We offer pervasive wireless – for example, Wi-Fi plus low power radio protocols such as Bluetooth and Zigbee – that integrate and streamline all smart technology deployed in your building.

The better your smart devices work together, the better the resident experience, and the more efficiently your building operates. As connectivity requirements increase, the need for a unified system to join up the dots increases too; that’s what we provide.


Submetering deployed over Smart Fibre Infrastructure enables operators to access and analyse energy consumption on a granular scale. By moving away from the performance of the whole building to room by room analysis allows the operators to drill into key areas of overuse and regain control of utilities.

Submetering allows operators to:

  • Identify where energy efficiencies can be made and waste avoided
  • Encourage students to save energy and demonstrate green credentials
  • Collect data on a room by room basis
  • Create an adaptable environment that meets student requirements
  • Comply with tariff optimisation schemes
  • Uphold and enforce existing fair usage policies

Submetering brings flexibility and simplification. The chance to save money on tariffs, and to collect data to be analysed and learnt from. It’s the gateway to data.

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Managed thermostat heating

A smart managed thermostat means residents control their own environment whilst operators retain overall control of the building to maintain green credentials and reduce waste.

As well as creating a seamless user experience, our smart thermostats can predict heating faults, flag failures to the operator and respond to energy tariffs and availability of renewables.

  • Heating performance data available on a room by room basis
  • Tailored environment for residents’ requirements
  • Provision of App to control environment for enhanced user experience

Real-time data-reporting builds insight, with the ability to adapt to make changes across your development. Fact-based information informs initiatives – such as open-window policies.

Environment monitoring

Research papers, such as the Stoddart Review, have established a firm link between the environment, cognitive behaviours and well-being. High levels of CO2 increase stress, anxiety and lowers concentration levels. Studies show that student accommodation is the main place of study on the university campus so the quality of the environment should be appropriately managed.

Residents with optimised living conditions report higher satisfaction ratings, and increased productivity of between 2 and 3.5%. As for staff, healthy working conditions mean better retention and performance levels.

Our smart devices can monitor…

  • CO2 levels
  • Temperature – in room, and in communal areas
  • Humidity
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs – pollution)
  • Noise

Water management

Water management is critical. Glide infrastructure can help operators keep residents healthy, comply with safeguarding responsibilities, and keep insurers onside too.

Water escape

Our smart tech can prevent leaks before they become a serious problem, costing money and damaging student satisfaction in the process.

Wireless sensors ensure 24/7 operation, and eliminate the need for expensive personal inspections.

  • Detects leaks and overflows before they become a large scale problem
  • Insight and trend reporting through data collection

Smart water monitoring is also considered proactive by insurers; with £2.5m paid out every day in 'Escape of Water' claims, protection against leaks can help lower premiums and avoid damaged reputations.

Water safety

Providing water that is safe and healthy is a key responsibility for the landlord, with specific regulatory compliance requirements carried out as manual measurement procedures. With our smart tech we can automate water safety measurements such as Legionnaires detection.

  • Real time alerts at risk outlets
  • Indicates where manual intervention is required, increasing staffing efficiency
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance for water safety

Smart tech and the Internet of Things (IoT) are quickly becoming a vital part of the student experience, and of the development and management of student accommodation. We know that the average student brings seven devices with them, but the IoT extends beyond wireless printers and smart speakers; it can include your building’s lighting systems and smart laundries.

Our infrastructure and broadband support an ever-growing range of smart devices, unlocking savings for developers and operators, and enriching the resident experience. Also, the data collected can be analysed and used to discover savings and efficiencies, and act as a trigger or alert for interventions to avoid waste, maintain well-being or protect the building.

  • Standardised and future proof
  • Infrastructure optimised for multiple services and functions
  • Efficiencies and cost reductions
  • Enhanced student experience
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