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Our values

Like a family, we value togetherness, put the group before ourselves and always work hard to make everyone feel like they belong. Life is better and work is more fulfilling when we have each other’s backs.

Glide staff
Glide staff
Glide believes in a better connected world where everyone can do more with their time, their lives, and their business.

Our vision is a better-connected world that makes life and work more enjoyable for us and our customers. Our purpose? To connect people to enable them to do more. And our mission is to deliver exceptional communications, connectivity and utilities services that make life better for students, residents and businesses.

We dare to do things a little differently. We believe in each other and inspire the people around us to push themselves out of their comfort zones, to do things with courage and conviction, to grab life by the horns and to have total confidence in themselves

Glide staff member

If we fall down on customer experience, nothing else we do matters. That’s because their loyalty is hard-won and easily lost on the smallest moments. The difference boils down to caring about the things our customers care about, always taking the time to make life simpler for them, and going out of our way to connect and give them more than they’d expect.

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It’s about more than hard work and graft – we never rest on our laurels. We are an unstoppable team that know we can always do better and more than what we achieved last week, month or year

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Staying open-minded, defying predictable ways of doing things, outsmarting the competition and cracking on with enthusiasm and positivity is how we approach everything, everyday.

Team meeting

We’re no ordinary company, and our culture reflects that: we believe that having fun, getting on with each other and not taking life too seriously is just as important as working hard.

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The Glide group is growing quickly, expanding our footprint across the UK and into Europe, and building original ways for our customers to connect.

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