According to the National Union of Students, 91% of students are “fairly or very concerned” about climate breakdown, highlighting that the sustainability of their accommodation is high on the list of their priorities. However, an audience poll at last year’s Student Accommodation Conference shows 87% of delegates thought not enough was being done to support the green agenda in PBSA sector - which means that student concerns are not being adequately addressed.

With 98% of students surveyed in the recent Knight Frank and UCAS report stating that value for money is “important”, it’s crucial that a more sustainable building means reducing energy wastage without increasing the cost of living.

Glide’s Smart Block puts smart technology at the heart of new student accommodation developments to save money, increase outputs and future-proof buildings for the next 50 years. Through the installation and delivery of integrated services, energy costs could be cut by up to a fifth, gallons of water could be saved each day and extra space opened up to create enhanced living environments – delivering a more sustainable residence and better value for money for students and building operators.

One of the key ways in which Glide Smart Block can make residences more sustainable is through the use of submetering.

Installing submetering in the building means bills will be accurate, data can be analysed and energy output assessed from different apartments and floors - making it easy to identify faults and wasted energy.

As electricity, water and gas submeters will be supplied to the building in bulk, every meter will be provided by a single supplier, bringing down the costs of installation, maintenance and support - while also reducing energy waste. In addition, this gives landlords the option to select a single energy supplier based on price or eco credentials.

Submeters enable operators to access and analyse energy consumption on a granular scale. By moving to room-by-room or apartment-by-apartment analysis, the operator can drill into key areas of overuse, and regain control of utilities.The combination of pervasive Wi-Fi deployed over Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ and submetering operating on the same network creates the following benefits for student accommodation operators:

  • Data analysis

By giving access to all the data in a user-friendly dashboard, the room by room analysis offered by the SmartBlock allows the landlord to benchmark against the best performing rooms and buildings and identify new efficiencies and cost savings - again, saving on energy waste and making the building more sustainable.

  • Thermostats

By adding individual room thermostats to the overall building heating system, students can control their environment whilst the operator retains overall control. This allows the heating in vacant rooms to be switched off and heat availability and temperatures to be capped, which could lead to up to 20% in energy savings.

  • Water Wastage

The SmartBlock won’t just save money on gas and electricity – one of the key technologies can also save money on water supply. Making dumb plumbing smart means operators can measure the water flow and water temperature of the building, which means proactive monitoring. The automatic stopcock limits damage to the property and the SmartBlock aids the prevention of leaks and water loss that costs time, money and reputation damage. The reduction in water wastage also makes the building more environmentally sustainable.

  • Smart Fibre Infrastructure (SFI™)

Not only do traditional cabling systems waste space, they also waste energy in ways that are simply impossible to justify. These legacy cabling systems consume large amounts of electricity 24 hours a day, every day, requiring cooling equipment, monitoring equipment, network switches to function. This also creates lots of potential points of failure. But this can be easily remedied with the introduction of a single comms cabinet – translating into more free space, energy, and time when SFI™ is introduced.

The Smart Block includes an innovative and future-proof infrastructure. Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™) is so much more than super-fast broadband and pervasive wireless – it’s a seamless fibre network connecting every building service, which means: less infrastructure, less equipment and less wasted energy.

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