At Glide, we’re delighted to hear about the government’s plans and aims. Liberating businesses from poor connectivity in areas previously neglected by other providers is what we’re all about. However, it will be interesting to see how the government plans to implement this within the timeframe (full-fibre by 2025), and how we help support those in need the most currently suffering from appalling ADSL speeds. That is why the DCMS Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme has been so welcomed, making a real difference in ensuring British businesses like yourself, can access super and ultra-fast connectivity. As a leading supplier of the scheme we have helped over 1,100 businesses across the UK save over £3m in full fibre installation costs, but the fund is due to run out early 2020.

James Warner, Managing Director at Glide said:

“In the current political climate, we are thrilled that the rollout of the digital infrastructure to support communities and business across the whole of the UK was a key part of this morning’s Opening Statement, and that the Government is taking the key steps to implement this across the UK. The plans to bring forward the national infrastructure strategy and the development of legislation to accelerate the implementation of fast and reliable broadband networks will play a huge part in getting our connectivity deployment up to the same level as our European counterparts. It is no secret that the UK is lagging behind when it comes to being a fully-connected nation, so it is reassuring that there are plans in place to make a full- fibre Britain a reality.”

“It will certainly be interesting to see how the government plans to implement this within the timeframe, as we know that historically the installation of full-fibre has been a slow and expensive deployment. The DCMS Gigabit voucher has made a real difference in ensuring British businesses have the support to access super-fast broadband - to date the scheme has allowed us to help over 1,100 businesses across the UK.”

“As a leading broadband provider, we could not be more enthusiastic to hear about the government's aims and we are very much looking forward to the opportunity to sit down with ministers to discuss the steps we have taken to support British businesses so far, and support with plans to ensure every home and business has access to full-fibre broadband.”