According to a study by Knight Frank, there are currently 29,416 professionally managed Build-to-Rent units completed, with 110,092 under construction or in planning. They also estimate that by 2023, 22% of the housing market will be Build-to-Rent.

In the UK, the sector has grown substantially in recent years and it is clear that this will continue. The rise in the number of people choosing to rent has inevitably led to more diversity in the rental population. The Build-to-Rent target market is now comprised of families, young professionals and retirees and the market is changing to reflect a variety of expectations.

Quintain’s Wembley Park in north west London is a prime example of how developers are diversifying their portfolio to match the needs of a widening demographic. With 5000 homes planned for delivery by 2024, this 85 acre development includes a primary school, a GP surgery, play parks, a shopping centre, restaurants and landscaped gardens. It even boasts a community space for kids to learn new skills and offers discount for parent toddler groups - all of which makes it perfect for young families.

One of the key benefits offered by Build-to-Rent is the freedom gifted by efficiency. With fees and utilities incorporated into the price, residents no longer have to spend time on managing the bills and can focus on living their best lives. Many operators are also rolling out virtual concierge systems, giving residents even more freedom to pursue their lives without the shackles of everyday chores.

But operators aren’t just increasing the amount of free time for their residents - they’re also increasing the quality, with improving resident well-being high on the list of priorities. According to MODA Living Director Johnny Caddick:

“Our focus is to provide the healthiest possible environments alongside a great living experience cutting out the hassle and uncertainty that usually comes with renting. Loneliness and mental health are issues facing society. Our aim is to create happier, healthier and productive communities that can help alleviate the daily pressures of city living.”

Build-to-Rent is much more than a home - it offers a sense of community, particularly for those social groups at risk of isolation. Most developments have gardens, gyms and communal areas for residents to relax and socialise in. Young parents suddenly have a support network on their doorstep with baby showings offered at on-site cinemas and the older generation can spend their afternoons with friends taking advantage of discounted off-peak periods at the gym, exercise classes or catching a film together at a dedicated ‘silver screening.’

The success and sustainability of services for diverse groups can only be enhanced by fast, reliable, pervasive and high-speed Wi–Fi. Entertainment services like Ultra High Definition (UHD) streaming and Virtual Reality online gaming, and Smart Home Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming mainstream and previously local services like playing music have become cloud services like Spotify, all resulting in the need for higher bandwidth. Increasingly, operators are using this technology to support happier, healthier and safer communities and to differentiate buildings from the competition.

To reduce the hassle of day-to-day management of Wi-Fi, building operators need an appropriate managed service offering. It makes sense for operators to deal with one provider to deploy and manage Wi-Fi. Everything from cabling to refreshing the technology is all taken care of, freeing up more time to focus on enriching the resident experience and building a sustainable community.

Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™)

Glide Residential’s SFI™ is a full fibre, landlord broadband solution that provides a fast and simple way to cable a building, specifically designed for the Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector. With SFI™, buildings are future-proofed for the next 25 years, as there are no restrictions on what can be delivered via fibre. SFI™ also enables the provision of many smart technology services such as Wi-Fi controlled lighting and heating, door entry, CCTV, digital signage, smart metering, and SkyQ. SFI™ helps add rental value, whilst reducing operational costs, and is designed with developers, landlords, and their residents in mind.

Managed Internet Service

With Glide Residential, you can also benefit from a fully managed internet service for private rented residents and fully managed internet solutions. Everything is managed from the cabling, to launch, to ongoing 24/7/365 support. Complete managed broadband services from a single provider. The network is monitored around the clock to ensure everything is running smoothly, and each customer has their own dedicated service manager as one single point of contact to provide everything you need.

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