Because here at Glide we’ve made some exciting changes to enable us to offer the best service ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ for all our students...

With close to 450,000 non-UK students living and studying in Britain right now (many of whom are non-native English speakers), it’s important we adapt our services to cater to their needs and expectations. With that in mind, we’ve invested in new software which enables our teams to manage communications across our digital channels in 28 different languages!

The solution provides human quality translation services by combining state of the art Domain Adapted Machine Translation with a global community of 50,000 bi-lingual editors, meaning we can easily break down language barriers and ensure students are understood.

In addition to this we’ve also produced step by step user guides, full of answers to common queries, in multiple languages. These changes not only help students feel supported, they save time and make for a more efficient service all round.

Our Super Service Desk

We’re all about end-user engagement and satisfaction, so in addition to developing new software, we’ve done rigorous training sessions with our service desk to make sure our team are a dab hand with all the devices and apps students are using today. We’ve also introduced 2 new multi-lingual team members who are keen to help us communicate with our Chinese and European students.

As our Service Desk are the busy bees that keep the Glide hive buzzing day and night, we’re happy to say they’ve been doing a great job and stats from this year show an impressive:

  • 81% of calls answered in under 15 seconds
  • 80% of our contacts resolved on first assignment
  • 80% of live chats responded to in under 2 minutes

What’s on the horizon?

The next 12 months will see us continuing to build on our ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ omni-channel service with new, useful additions to our app and the launch of a WeChat channel to support our Chinese students even further.

I am very excited to join Glide's team to support other students from Hong Kong and China! 我非常之興奮加入Glide的團隊來支援其他的香港和中國人。

Michael Tsang, Service Desk Team, Glide

Managed Internet Service for University and Student Accommodation

Enhance your students’ online experience with better Wi-Fi for student accommodation. From in depth monthly service reports, annual reviews, marketing materials to a student friendly Service Desk and onsite support, Glide will provide everything you need for a fully reliable managed internet service for both you and your students.

Wi-Fi for Student Accommodation

Students want to be constantly connected, wherever they are. Glide’s best in class intelligent pervasive Wi-Fi means that students can enjoy a seamless internet connection across their multiple devices wherever they are in their student accommodation. Plus all the support they need.

Get in touch with a member of our team to find out about our fully managed internet service. Call us on 03333 800 800 or drop us an email at, or find out more details on our website

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