England may have fallen short at the World Cup, but last week there was one prize which arrived home safely: We picked up Best Business Broadband at this year’s prestigious ISPA Awards. Read on to find out why we're unleashing fibre brodaband across the country and giving businesses the internet they deserve!

Since its inception, Glide has been passionate about connecting the nation's often forgotten areas to the broadband they need today, tomorrow and beyond.

Although the award is a recognition of our great service to businesses in 2017-18, a lot of important foundations were laid years before. From pioneering G.Fast technology to enabling ultrafast broadband services in 2017, to being one of a few ISPs to use Openreach's physical infrastructure access, and the gigabit voucher scheme, we've paved the way to this award.

The Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA) picked Glide for two main reasons.

Firstly, our commitment to connecting businesses in need. This is supported by our very own network, a rarity in the industry. To add, our close relationship with our customers’ needs has allowed us to identify a key pain point for business parks who have suffered with low speeds for far too long. We’re able to focus our efforts on building new fibre cabinets so that they can gain access to the faster, more reliable internet services they need to remain competitive.

And secondly, the proof is in the numbers. We've doubled our customers in a 12 month period, saw outstanding success in the trial gigabit voucher scheme that ran across Coventry and Warwickshire, and we continue to build more cabinets across the country to make sure we give businesses the broadband they need, having beaten other providers to the draw on key deployments.

Ahead of a national rollout, last year we deployed G.Fast hybrid-fibre technology, delivering ultrafast broadband over copper lines at a fraction of the cost to businesses in Warwickshire. We’re also passionate supporters of the Department for Culture Media and Sport’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme (GVS); actively engaging with customers and businesses more broadly to encourage them to take advantage of up to £3000 of government funding to upgrade their infrastructure to full fibre broadband. We’re pleased to have issued 67% of vouchers in Coventry and Warwickshire before the scheme was rolled out nationally.

Read more about how our customer Nuco International benefited from the scheme over on the GVS website.

More importantly, through our expert team we've helped companies find the solution they need, ensure guaranteed speeds, and been on hand to deliver the support crucial to ensuring they don't have to worry about their broadband, and focus on their business.

Our recent re-launch as Glide proudly says to our customers we are specialists in your business and understand what you need to grow. Whether it’s future proofing business infrastructure or allowing customers to enable smart multi-tenancy premises, this is only the beginning. We hope you’re as excited as we are about where we’re heading.

Congratulations to every person and customer that has made this possible.

We. Are. Glide

To learn more about how we’re helping businesses get the broadband they deserve, a great place to start is our gigabit knowledge hub. Click here to read on.

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