Picture a residence where the student doesn’t have to complain about a fault, where operation team members don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to fix a problem.

Imagine bills are automatically paid and staff are empowered to learn new systems. Most importantly, consider the consequences if the operations team can focus their efforts on serving students rather than servicing the building.

In our experience, despite their best efforts, operations teams can be limited in their ability to improve efficiency or enhance student experience because they are limited by the tools and data available to them. However, the Smart Block offers an alternative.

By eradicating the need for simple tasks such as meter reading or bacterial testing on student residence maintenance lists, the Smart Block means lower costs, more operational efficiency and happier students.

Submetering deployed over Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ enables accommodation operators to access and analyse energy consumption. By automatically identifying zones, floors or rooms with unusually high energy consumption, the Smart Block ensures the operations teams don’t have to manually check the entire building at the end of term.

Manual plumbing checks

Did you know that, according to the association of British insurers, £2.5 million is spent every day on repairing damage caused by water? The Smart Block 2020 brings smart plumbing, including automatic stopcocks which can be activated remotely, without even having to travel to the building. It also means standing water, excess humidity and freezing conditions can be detected earlier by the sensors, decreasing the cost of repairs and lowering the risk of property damage and loss of income.

Manual water readings

Not only does the Smart Block eradicate the need for manual stopcock checks, it uses sensors that can monitor multiple water outlets which can be retro-fit onto existing plumbing. A submeter will measure water consumption, eradicating the need to manually read the water meter, thus improving operational efficiency and freeing the maintenance team up to make other, more pressing repairs.

Manual environment monitoring

In a similar vein, the Smart Block will also change the way in which the environment is monitored in student residences. By enabling real time and historical reporting of temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, light and noise levels, contaminants and volatile organic compounds, the Smart Block removes the need to employ someone to conduct manual tests. It also means data can be more readily analysed, allowing faults to be highlighted much earlier, saving money and keeping students safer and more comfortable, which in turn means cognitive behaviour improvements as proved in the Stoddart Review - http://stoddartreview.com/

Manual operation of heating system

In addition to freeing up your operations team, the Smart Block can save you money: in some cases, by as much as 20%! A building with managed smart thermostats can save between 5 and 20% on their energy costs. However, it’s not just about costs – the Smart Block means no more manually switching off heating in vacant rooms. It also means heat availability and temperatures can be capped through a central management system, freeing the operations team for other tasks. This will also mean faults can be dealt with on-site, reducing lead time on repairs and the number of callouts.

Facilities and IT are now one and the same. This new approach to managing the building and quickly and accurately capturing and sharing data will create efficiency and meaningful data to make informed decisions, freeing up the operations team to swiftly deal with more pressing repairs. The Smart Block eases staff bottlenecks, saves money and keeps students happier.

Receive the Smart Block 2020 white paper by following this link. http://glidebusiness.co.uk/smartblock

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