High-density buildings across Europe are still hampered by ageing and complex copper infrastructure. At best, accommodation operators and students in Student accommodation (PBSA) can expect to benefit from Fibre-to-the-Basement (FTTB) but may never get to see headline grabbing speeds and reliability that positively impacts the lives of tech-reliant Millennials. That is unless the building has Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™).

SFI™ is much more than super-fast broadband and Pervasive Wi-Fi. Investing in a future - proofed building infrastructure today ensures the property stays relevant, is a place that students will want to live in for generations with fibre fast broadband and Wi-Fi deployed into every student bedroom, apartment and communal area.

Smart technology often adds complexity where it should create simplicity. The aim for student accommodation operators is to make the complex simple and streamline technology to ensure properties stays relevant today, tomorrow and meet student expectations into future.

How can Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ save student operators money?

Keeping student accommodation 100% occupied – With rising costs of running student accommodation, the pressure to keep rents down and maintain profitability is a major concern. SFI™ will deliver speeds that get students attention and Wi-Fi anywhere in the building enhancing the sense of community and creating a sense of community that keeps properties full and protecting the investment.

Future-proof infrastructure - Every 5 years, the headline speed of student internet services increases. Being able to maintain this trajectory requires an infrastructure capable of sustaining this growth. SFI™ fibre technology is more advanced, resilient and flexible so Wi-Fi speeds can be increased to meet demand and smart protocols can be introduced to support consumer IoT (Internet of Things) like wireless printers and Alexa. Similarly, SFI™ will provide the infrastructure to enable Building Management Systems and drive the operational efficiency of the building using other wireless languages like Zigbee and Bluetooth.

Maximise operational efficiency - The primary focus of the operator is raising operational efficiency and keeping costs down whilst delivering a first-class student experience. Operations teams are limited in their ability to improve efficiency or enhance student experience because they are limited by the tools and bandwidth available to them. What if the student didn’t have to complain about a fault, or a member of the team didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night to fix a problem? What if bills were automatically paid and the staff were empowered to learn new systems? What if the operations team can focus their efforts on serving students rather than servicing the building? With SFI™ there are no limitations on the scope of any Building Management System.

Reduce energy consumption with submetering - A seamless fibre network connecting every building service means submetering can be easily deployed over Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ so operators can access and analyse energy consumption on a granular scale. By moving away from the performance of the whole building to room by room analysis allows the operator to drill into key areas of overuse and regain control of utilities.

Reduce wasted energy with managed thermostats - Saving money one room at a time. A managed thermostat solution controlled by the landlord. Individual room thermostats added to the overall building heating system will allow students to control their home-from-home environment, be mindful of green credentials whilst retaining overall control for the operator.

To find out more about SFI™, submetering, water safety, water escape, environment monitoring and much, much more, download the Smart Block 2020 white paper by following this link: http://glidebusiness.co.uk/smartblock

Managed Internet Service for University and Student Accommodation

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Wi-Fi for Student Accommodation

Students want to be constantly connected, wherever they are. Glide’s best in class intelligent pervasive Wi-Fi means that students can enjoy a seamless internet connection across their multiple devices wherever they are in their student accommodation. Plus, all the support they need.

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