How will Smart Block 2020 help to attract and retain students? How will Smart Block 2020 help build happier, healthier, safer and more cohesive communities and engage and enrich student experiences? Developers and operators should approach their next project as an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on students.

Smart Block unlocks the potential of Wi-Fi, IoT and Smart technology so operators can offer a unique student experience. By investing heavily to improve student life & millennial well-being and with naturalized technology Smart Block will offer an experience that residents will be proud to share.

The Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™) solution runs on a single network which means there is no friction in terms of the services landlords can add to the network and offer to residents. As an operator, your future proof infrastructure will deliver unique experiences in 2020 and evolve to ensure your resident is always at the heart of the Smart Block.

Technology plays an important role in shaping student experience. A plethora of gadgets could enhance student life: whether it’s making essay research easier or giving entertainment activities the wow factor.

The smart phone is essential: students will be using these to control Wi-Fi enabled heating, streaming music and entertainment systems, not to mention keeping in touch with friends and family and ringing their mates when they lose them on a night out.

A voice – activated virtual assistant like Amazon Echo or Google dot can be used as a search engine, enabling students to call out questions while writing assignments without interrupting their work flow. They can also help students keep on top of their calendars, meaning no more missed lectures or study sessions. These devices are so useful to students that Saint Louis University in Missouri recently announced they would be installing over 2,300 Echo Dot smart speakers in every dorm room on campus! As if that wasn’t enough, they can also be used as a speaker for music and entertainment, to order takeaways for movie nights and be used to settle arguments about facts between friends.

Google Drive & Drop Box may offer increasingly large amounts of online storage for free, but higher resolution pictures, movies and required broadband speeds means this won’t last forever. Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives offer a variety of automatic back-up configuration including cloud storage, which means it can be accessed around campus with none of the worries of dropping hard drives or misplacing USB sticks and losing course work. They can also be used as a PC to stream Netflix & Amazon and, with storage drives now as large as 10Tb, you’ll never run out of space!

One of the mainstays of the student experience is watching films at home with friends. 4K resolution and Ultra High Definition (UHD) are hot technologies in TV entertainment - but big screen TVs are expensive, especially on a student budget. For a comparatively more affordable 100” screen and a great way to create a sense of occasion for movie night is a HD Projector. Or, if you can handle the extra cost of active 3D glasses, a 3D HD Projector. Long throw projectors can sit inconspicuously at the back of a room rather than hanging from the ceiling, making them great for movie nights and gaming with friends.

If you speak to any student, most of them will tell you that one of the most irritating things about student life is wasting time by the printer in long queues – especially if their course is essay-heavy. However, it’s not just computer documents that need to be printed – more and more frequently, students are taking seminar and lecture notes on tablets and printing these for revision in the library can be both expensive and time-consuming. The solution? A wireless printer means no more worrying about trekking across campus or wasting time waiting in queues just to print a document. Students can work efficiently at home – and a wireless printer will allow them the flexibility to print from a range of devices.

The enabling technology for the Smart Block, SFI™, is much more than super-fast broadband and pervasive wireless. Investing in a future-proofed infrastructure today ensures the property stays relevant and competitive and that it will be a place that future generations of students will want to live in.

Receive the Smart Block 2020 white paper by following this link.

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