At Glide Residential, we are experts at delivering managed internet services to the Build-to-Rent sector. Developing products and services to answer the demands of developers like Moda Living and Westrock with full-fibre broadband to every apartment and Smart home connectivity.

But, what about existing rental developments that need to be upgraded? Surely a retro-fit is a lengthy and disruptive process? Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ is the best building infrastructure available today but can it be easily retro-fitted? Yes, it can. In fact, it is the common-sense choice.

Commissioning a new infrastructure partner and the reality of planning and executing a retrofit can make changing provider seem a daunting prospect. Glide Residential boasts a successful track record in retrofitting and significantly upgrading Wi-Fi infrastructure integrated with automation systems with minimal upheaval.

An SFI™ retrofit is straightforward. Glide Residential engineers will replace old, out-of-date cable runs with a single fibre infrastructure for Wi-Fi, telephone and SkyQ. Much faster than retrofitting several cable runs. We offer a dedicated project manager to oversee the management of the install and because SFI™ is one network from one supplier, there’s a single point-of-contact which means there is less that can go wrong and much fewer people on site and when SFI™ is installed the developer will own the infrastructure.

Richard Curwood, Infrastructure Manager at Glide Residential explains “Retrofit projects introduce a plethora of challenges in comparison to installation in a new or incomplete building - residents are already living there so things like noise control, disturbing artwork and paint work and health and safety regulations must all be considered. Many providers don’t take on retrofit projects for these reasons but SFI™ makes Glide Residential the natural choice”.

A retrofit means more consideration for residents living in the building like noise control and health and safety regulations, but the disruptions will be worthwhile to install a new managed internet service with increased reliability, speed and overall user experience. It also allows developers to improve and future-proof their existing property portfolio by deploying fibre so residents who previously had limited broadband move immediately to having ultra-fast fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and speeds up to 300Mbit/s.

The dependency on fast, reliable, pervasive and high-speed Wi–Fi will only increase as residents need higher bandwidth. Entertainment services like Ultra High Definition (UHD) streaming and Virtual Reality online gaming are becoming mainstream and previously local services like playing music have become cloud services like Spotify, resulting in the need for higher bandwidth. In 2020, building operators will use this technology to support happier, healthier and safer communities and to differentiate their buildings from the competition.

To reduce the hassle of day-to-day management, operators need an appropriate managed service offering. It makes sense for operators to deal with one provider for the duration. Everything from cabling to refreshing the technology is all taken care of, freeing up more time to focus on enriching the resident experience.

Our Quick Quote tool allows you to work out the cost of adding SFI™ to any building, no matter how big or small, or how many floors or apartments it has. Getting a Quick Quote takes seconds, so it could save you heaps of time and potentially heaps of money too.

Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™)

Glide Residential’s SFI™ is a full fibre, landlord broadband solution that provides a fast and simple way to cable a building, specifically designed for the Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector. With SFI™, buildings are future-proofed for the next 25 years, as there are no restrictions on what can be delivered via fibre. SFI™ also enables the provision of many smart technology services such as Wi-Fi controlled lighting and heating, door entry, CCTV, digital signage, smart metering, and SkyQ. SFI™ helps add rental value, whilst reducing operational costs, and is designed with developers, landlords, and their residents in mind.

Managed Internet Service

With Glide Residential, you can also benefit from a fully managed internet service for private rented residents and fully managed internet solutions. What this means is everything is managed from the cabling, to launch, to ongoing 24/7/365 support. Complete managed broadband services from a single provider. The network is monitored around the clock to ensure everything is running smoothly, and each customer has their own dedicated service manager as one single point of contact to provide everything you need.

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