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Leased lines

Get super- and ultrafast speeds, unlimited bandwidth and data-transfer, and uncontended lines with Glide's leased line broadband solution

Leased lines
Leased lines
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Leased lines
Glide's leased lines deliver a dedicated and completely private and secure internet connection to your premises, or between business sites, guaranteed by a class-leading SLA for unlimited bandwidth and rock-solid speeds.






Your business would benefit from a leased line if you...

  • need high-performance speeds to run mission critical and remote access programs around the clock 24/7 that are guaranteed by a detailed SLA
  • use multiple connections simultaneously for running file-sharing programs, collaboration platforms, email access software, and data transfer applications
  • require unlimited data transfer
  • need fast and reliable data backup with a third party provider
Is a leased line for you

Guaranteed performance

Synchronous speeds up to 10 Gbit/s – receive symmetrical upload and download speeds over our reliable, dedicated line.

Unlimited data transfer allowance and upload volumes – never exceed allowances or risk being charged.

Proactive monitoring to flag and prevent issues before they become issues – and 24/7, 365-day UK-based network engineers and expert technical support from our in-house team.

Our fibre broadband network will give you just that.

  • Coming soon Glide fibre is live
  • Coming soon Coming soon

Openreach have upgraded the infrastructure around you already

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The benefits of Glide leased line solutions

More and more businesses are based in different locations, with multiple offices, remote workers and teams that need to access company networks, wherever they are in the country. Good job we've got the solution to help you communicate and connect securely between locations. With optional services such as centralised internet break-out and a managed firewall, you can securely connect your locations and colleagues to each other without the headache of using internet VPNs.

In house traffic routing and security

In-house traffic routing and security

Complex VPNs are a thing of the past; Glide manages everything so you can add a new site or location easily.

High performance

High performance

We work with you and your customer’s technical lead to define quality of service, and prioritise your service across our networks.

Our own infrastructure

Our own infrastructure

Glide owns its fibre networks, ensuring low latency routing to keep your speed and performance as high as possible.

Additional redundancy

Additional redundancy

Benefit from flexible tail-circuit options and additional redundancy, including fibre leased lines, EoFTTC/EFM, FTTC lines, ADSL and mobile data.


We offer the flexibility to add on optional services such as a managed firewall and centralised internet breakout. This means your staff can securely connect to each other, no matter where they are in the country, without the disruption and expense of using VPNs.

If you need faster installation and only want speeds up to 40 Mbit/s, our copper leased line solution can be up and running within two weeks.

And it delivers all the advantages of fibre – for example, guaranteed speeds, dedicated uncontended lines and unlimited data transfers.

Copper leased lines

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