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Business Fibre Broadband

Fibre to the cabinet brings superfast broadband to your offices, with low contention ratios, assured speeds and up to unlimited data plus 100Mbit/s connectivity

We provide our superfast fibre broadband connectivity over our own core national network to your business's nearest Glide green cabinet; only the last section is delivered over copper.

You'll get far greater speeds than the standard broadband you are getting now, and will see new opportunities for remote working, VoIP and cloud services.

FTTC is a connective technology that's built on a combination of fibre optic and copper cable. We run our own backbone fibre from your local telephone exchange to a green cabinet near you, from our green cabinet we use the existing copper telephone line runs straight to your office, supercharging your broadband to speeds you choose of up to 100Mbits.

It takes about two weeks to set up a connection, and you'll need a normal telephone line, which Glide also provides to get you up and running.

How fttc works

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Openreach have upgraded the infrastructure around you already

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It was really becoming a problem… we were missing print deadlines, or otherwise coming extremely close. An hour of time is money. We can’t be the company we are with a slow internet connection. Without Glide Business, I'm not too sure what we would have done.

Karl Wheeler Creative Director, Bluechilli Design & Print
Blue Chilli

In a closely fought battle, Glide took the coveted top industry prize for best business broadband at the Internet Service Provider Awards for the level of service, support and unique capabilities our broadband offers its customers.

2018 winner the ispas

Our FTTC connection is superfast and perfect for every day business use, but if you have a larger business that needs more than just speed, take a look at ultrafast FTTP or leased line solutions.

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