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Third-party services for multi-dwelling buildings

Our network works seamlessly with a range of integrated services. No separate networks or extra infrastructure, and one point of contact for connectivity and support

Third-party services building
Third-party services building
We've designed and built our infrastructure so you can easily enhance your residents' quality of experience (QoE) with our value-add services, including smart home applications to control heating, lights, door entry and media solutions.

Glide infrastructure

Service integration diagram

Glide provides and supports a diverse range of add-on services that will enhance customer satisfaction, and help differentiate you from your competitors.

Guest Wi-Fi

Authorise temporary access to specific networks for your and guests, and set expiry date/duration and number of devices. Provide a guest network separate from landlords and residents

  • Easy-to-use onboarding platform
  • Issue vouchers and control access for multiple devices or time limits

Additional resilience

Enable truly 'always-on' access for residents and management services by adding a separate connection from a different provider.

  • Two fully managed access links with automatic switchover
  • Increase reliability of site access to 99.9%
  • Guarantee constant connectivity for residents and management services

Staff VoIP

Provide internet telephony for your staff with supported intercom services.

  • Conventional fixed line voice service
  • Provides for intercom with optional receptionist

Web filtering

Apply robust filtering policies, and block inappropriate, unsuitable and illegal material, at a site or resident-specific level.

  • Bar access to selected content and report attempted violations
  • Implement adaptable filtering policies
  • Meet safeguarding requirements

White label services

Glide can provide a suite of custom brand solutions to suit your needs.

  • Redesign and rename end-user touchpoints – for example, branded portal and marketing materials
  • Provide a coherent brand across your services
  • Build resident confidence and familiarity
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We aim to get to the heart of the challenge of providing smart student accommodation. Pervasive Wireless that connects multiple devices with different languages solves many of the problems of IoT, notably, the need for potentially hundreds of extra boxes, hubs and cables.

A single communication system that marshals and organises devices can be delivered on a much lower cost basis than a traditional Building Management System (BMS). The Glide Smart Block is greater than the sum of its parts and within reach for student accommodation.

Smart Block brings together established but previously disparate technologies that combine to meet operator ambitions and student demands. In short, these are all the things that you need to build one.

  • Pervasive Wireless (Wi-Fi, IoT and Bluetooth)
  • Future-proof Smart Fibre Infrastructure™
  • Smart technology as a managed service
  • Big-Data ready infrastructure
  • Total systems integration
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Services that help operators run buildings better

Glide smart infrastructure enables but is not exclusive to the following technology:

  • Management suite peripherals (PCs, laptops, printers)
  • Telephone and video communications
  • Laundry and gym systems
  • CCTV
  • EV charging
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Security and door access
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Digital signage
  • Lighting & climate control systems
  • Landlord network access (private Wi-Fi, private LAN)
  • Audio Visual (AV)

Smart block

Third party services diagram