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Support services for high-density multi-tenanted accommodation

Glide's service desk and support networks provide a comprehensive range of channels and options for help and information, ensuring we’re always there for you and your residents, whenever or wherever you need us.

Resident support
Resident support

Our state-of-the-art customer support system and our experienced service team ensure all incoming calls and queries are resolved as quickly and effectively as possible, freeing you from the responsibility of customer service. We’re always there for you and your residents, whenever and wherever you need us.

24/7 resident support

We know residents require a fully supported, seamless and comprehensive network that looks after every need, around the clock. With a strong focus on reducing customer effort, Glide provides an extensive range of tools and methods to ensure residents’ queries can quickly be resolved.

24/7/365 support desk

  • Help for residents via email, social media, live chat or local rate calls
  • Provided by our UK-based support desk
  • Over 80% of:
    • calls answered in under 15 seconds
    • contacts resolved on first assignment
    • live chats responded to in under 2 minutes

Self-service portal & video support

  • Quick troubleshooting available 24/7
  • Dedicated online resource provided by our UK-based experts
  • Access to troubleshooting videos

Mobile support app

  • Simple and quick troubleshooting to get people back online
  • Issues are diagnosed via a simple scan
  • All information transmitted to service desk

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Multi-lingual support

  • How to guides and FAQs in 11 languages
  • Digital communications in 28 languages with bookable appointments
  • Multi-lingual team members
  • Over 1,000 live translations in the last 12 months

Customer Effort Score (CES)

Customer Effort Score (CES) is a customer satisfaction metric that measures the ease of an experience with a company by asking customers, on a five-point scale of 'Very Difficult' to 'Very Easy', how much effort was required on the part of the customer to use the product or service to evaluate how likely they are to continue using and paying for it.

“How much do you agree with the following statement? Glide made it easy for me to handle my issue from 5 (Strongly agree) to 0 (Strongly disagree)”.

  • High response rate of 16% in academic year 2018/19
  • Average score of 4 out of 5 to date (“agree”)

Landlord/owner-operator support

In addition to our 24/7 service desk, your dedicated service manager is always on hand to answer any queries and help you get the most out of your best-in-class solution through monthly reports and regular reviews. Plus, we are always proactively monitoring the network to prevent any issues before they affect your service, ensuring your connectivity is reliable and your residents are always happy.

Service management

  • Access to Glide’s service management team for landlords
  • Monthly service reports including usage figures, review of performance against SLAs and KPIs, and review of service desk activity.
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • Annual performance review including market analysis and technology trends
  • A simple escalation path for any issues

Network operations centre (NOC)

  • Round-the-clock proactive monitoring of technical performance
  • Guaranteed uptime for service users in line with SLAs
  • Automated alerts and escalations to service providers and technology partners

Glide customer portal

  • Report new incidents and view planned maintenance
  • Comprehensive data for major incidents
  • Access info about single user incidents

Major incident notifications

  • Automated notifications for major incidents
  • Communicates timeline, root cause and target time to resolution
  • Hourly updates for priority 1 outages

Glide support app

Our iOS and Android mobile app enables us to quickly diagnose Wi-Fi and connectivity issues without the hassle of complex steps to follow.

The user simply runs a scan; then they receive a unique key that they pass to the support desk, who immediately can see all the necessary information, pinpointing the issue in seconds.

Then the diagnostic tool runs a series of checks and tests, including:

  • speed
  • latency
  • traceroute
  • connection quality

This data is accessible by support agents from their management platform, giving them everything they need to simplify the troubleshooting process for connectivity-related issues, and enhancing the customer experience with reduced handling, and reducing end-to-end fix times.

Proactive insights

Our app also enables us to consolidate essential performance data over time, providing key insights into user experience at each of our serviced locations that we turn into real and meaningful change for you and your residents.

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