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Network design, cabling & infrastructure

With decades of experience in designing and installing complex data networks, we will ensure it can support all of your students, their devices and the services they need

Network design, cabling & infrastructure
Network design, cabling & infrastructure
Exceptional internet relies on an exceptional network. That’s why we control the full end-to-end experience.

We’re proud to say that we take care of every part of your connectivity solution: We own the national fibre infrastructure that makes our speeds and solutions possible. We design your network. We lay our own cabling and install network switches and wireless access points. And we provide and pro-actively manage the broadband, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our in-house team of network engineers have decades of experience in designing and installing complex data networks, ensuring that it can support all of your students, their devices and the services they need. We will also ensure that as your requirements change, our network design and service provision are upgraded or expanded accordingly.

Choosing the right infrastructure upfront is critical – it's essential to delivering a great experience now, and future-proofing your accommodation for years to come.

Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI)

Glide’s unique SFI solution is a seamless network solution that deploys a single fibre directly to each apartment. It’s a single-point solution system for all your smart technology, from the connectivity specialists for Build to Rent developers.

With SFI, you no longer need separate networks for broadband, TV, security and other services, meaning real cost saving during build and maintenance, and increased rental value from your property.

Hello smart fibre

Glide's own network

The backbone of our cutting-edge connectivity and communications services is our own physical infrastructure.

We build, invest in and own our own high-performance network based around a 10Gb ethernet core in London, the midlands and Manchester. This allows us to deliver innovative cabling solutions and ultrafast, reliable broadband, TV and telephony products to student rooms, business parks and accommodation developers around the UK.


100,000 premises reached

570 fibre enabled cabinets in the UK

300,000km of fibre in the ground

7 countries UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austra and The Netherlands

10-gigabit ethernet cores in London, the midlands, Manchester


Where are we?

Glide connectivity map

Comprehensive coverage

We partner with you to set out your broadband and Wi-Fi needs – for example, in-room access points for unsurpassed connectivity; corridor deployments that cover the busy zones students use most; connecting IoT or smart devices that need Bluetooth or Zigbee and/or access points that can be easily and quickly upgraded to the latest standards.

Our industry standard Ekahau site planning and measurement tools build a comprehensive picture of coverage. Our access point technology and user experience tools can give you a true and detailed picture of your service performance in real-time. Once we have that analysis, any drop in performance that affects user satisfaction will trigger an alert and we can deal with the problem right away.

Planning and provision

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