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Data & insight

Monitor your building and gather data to help you improve customer experience, drive better service efficiencies and make the best use of your available space

Data insights
Data insights
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Data and insight
Glide's data collection and reporting tools give you the intel you need on managed service and asset performance, and user presence and experience.

We offer a range of customisable web-based dashboards, and an integrated location-mapping service that, together, deliver the data you need to maximise customer satisfaction, efficiency and ROI.

Real-time analytics are an essential tool in your drive for optimal performance and efficiency, and the insights they provide will enable you to differentiate your service provision and keep your residents comfortable and happy.

The Internet of Things brings together disparate devices, with a multitude of connectivity needs and protocols. Our IoT dashboard brings those IoT devices back together.

IoT dashboard

Gain single-point insight on how your devices are performing;

  • Energy control and management
  • Access control
  • Wi-fi provision
  • Laundry
  • Other BMS
Drive insight saving efficiency with data dashboards

Optimise your space and user-experience by using network, Bluetooth and Internet of Things data to track presence and activity throughout your buildings.

Location based services

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