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Glide Home Network

Make your students feel at home with the Glide Home Network. Connect as many as 25 devices without the need for a Wi-Fi router

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Glide Home Network
Before now, the Wi-Fi in halls of residence didn’t allow students to wirelessly connect all their devices, which is why we’ve developed Glide Home Network.

Print documents from anywhere in halls, play music from a network storage device in common areas and share course materials. Plus, unlike cloud services or apps which can make connecting devices slow and confusing, Glide Home Network allows students to enjoy fast, seamless connectivity instantly, with minimum setting up.

Home Network is compatible with Alexa, wireless printers, consoles, network storage, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Airplay, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, video cameras and numerous other devices.

Instant connectivity

Setup and management is easy via our self-service portal; residents can even set up their devices in advance of moving in, and devices will automatically connect to the network, and one another. And other network users won't be able to see or interfere with anything connected to a private network.

  • Works on wired* and wireless services
  • Connect anywhere on site, without a password
  • Secure encrypted networking using WPA2 and pre-shared key (PSK)


Our secure self-service portal enables residents to associate their devices to the networks, even in advance of moving in; and they'll be able to manage devices and guest Wi-Fi access any time they like. The system is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and OSX devices, as well as Chromebooks, and residents can connect from anywhere in the building as well as in their homes.

*Depending on technology


Our research tells us the average student arrives at uni with around seven connected devices, and we know that previously they've struggled to connect them to one another.

We know we've got to be able to get your students online quickly and robustly, and enable them to print documents from wherever they are in halls, play music from networked storage, and share course materials.

Glide Home Network provides students with the always-on experience they're used to at home, so they can settle in quickly and get on with their lives and study.

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Do I need to connect to a router to use my home network?

No – The Glide Home Network creates a home router-like experience using Wi-Fi access points and fixed broadband service outlets.

Do I need to download any software or an app?

No – You can configure the Glide Home Network by accessing the MyAccount portal, then using the standard Apps and User Interfaces provided by the respective devices and operating systems in the normal way. There is no need to enter usernames and/or passwords other than to access the MyAccount portal.

Will the Home Network just work in my room?

No – You can use the Home Network from anywhere in the building where the Wi-Fi and fixed broadband service is provided by Glide.

Will the Home Network only work on Wi-Fi?

Yes – The Home Network will work only on wireless connections.