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Broadband & Wi-Fi for Student accommodation

Glide unlocks the potential of fully managed Wi-Fi so owner–operators can offer fast speeds, reliability and unique student experiences

Broadband wifi header
Broadband wifi header
PBSA developers and owner-operators need broadband that can fulfil the streaming, browsing and downloading expectations of their resident students.

Glide offers a managed, modular solution to student accommodation connectivity, including:

Pre-arrival registration and user onboarding

Super-fast connections and simple authentication

Access points with IoT wireless capability built-in

In-room fibre-connected Wi-Fi access points

All-fibre access switches

Full-fibre solution

Our solution means that your students will experience seamless, limitless and robust connections, while you'll be able to get on with managing the building via a separate and secure network.

We offer easy setup, super-fast speeds and no usage caps; your students can move in, log on and get connected instantly. And you'll know that they're secure and happy in your accommodation, able to crack on with work and play, uninterrupted.

The Glide core broadband and Wi-Fi provision includes everything you need to provide a full-spectrum service to your tenants.

  • On-site office connectivity
  • 24/7 resident support
  • 24/7 landlord/owner-operator support
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Service dashboard
  • User experience dashboard

On-site office connectivity

Employees need a separate network to operate the building, so we include a fully-supported local LAN/WLAN service that provides secure connectivity for your IT infrastructure, internet and back office smart technology.

We can add in the essentials like a VoIP service with VoIP handsets with a suite of features – such as an online user portal for billing and payments; free calls to other site users; and nuisance call blocking – and an optional receptionist service.

The operations team should not be limited in their ability to improve efficiency or enhance student experience because of lack of bandwidth or expensive technology. What if the student didn’t have to complain about a fault, or a member of the team didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night to fix a problem? What if the operations team can focus their efforts on serving students rather than servicing the building? This is the impact of smart solutions delivered by Glide.

There will always be times when your residents need help; we've an expert support team that is dedicated to students' questions, which extends to:

  • 24/7/365 support desk
  • Help for residents via email, srocial media, live chat or local rate calls
  • 81% of calls answeed under 15 seconds
  • Multi-lingual support (in 28 languages for all digital channels)
  • Our self-service portal and troubleshooting videos
  • Our mobile support app for simple and quick troubleshooting
  • Pre-arrival registration

Service desk

The hub of our support system is the service desk, which is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and which is manned by our own trained team of specialists.

Resident support

Additional services

In addition to our core network provision, we can provide the following bolt-on services:

  • Web filtering: limit access to specific online content
  • Glide Home Network: enable students to set up a local network
  • Guest Wi-Fi: provide for guest access with voucher credentials
  • Additional resilience: add a second link for 99.9% reliability
  • White label: apply your own brand to our interfaces



Capture and review a 24/7 picture of how your network is performing, and how students and staff interact with it.

  • Identify faults
  • Monitor provision
  • Plan for upgrades
  • Maintain seamless student experience

User experience

We can also provide 24/7 monitoring of the end user experience (UX) to complement the service dashboard. We know who’s accessing the network, what they’re using it for, and how it's performing for them. MedUX probes allow for benchmarking of:

  • Ping (latency and packet loss to popular destinations
  • Netflix streaming (video and audio quality and reliability)
  • Dropbox upload & download speed and reliability
  • Speed Test down and up (Ookla)
  • YouTube (video quality and reliability)
  • Gaming (latency)
  • Facebook reliability and download time
  • Twitter reliability and download time
  • Web browsing reliability and download time
  • HTTP download and upload speed and reliability

We’ve been working with Glide Student since our building opened. Any service that we provide we expect to be the best, which is a big part of why we went with Glide Student. We had a look at who else was out there and what was available in terms of different speeds and we decided after extensive research that Glide Student were going to be the best provider. From our experience so far, we have definitely made the right decision.

Josh Buckley Accommodation Manager, IconInc

We decided we needed a specialist, who could do a quick installation and take responsibility for the service, and particularly for the support of the students. The process was very easy from our point of view.

Max Caines
iconinc header University of Wolverhampton

Tech spec

Accommodation connectivity

  • Wired access via RJ45 outlet(s)
  • Open SSID and simple authentication for fast connection by all types of devices, with or without browser
  • Guaranteed base speed on wired service, up to 1Gbit/s
  • Dual 2.4 + 5GHz 802.11a,b,g,n,ac wave 2 Access Points providing typically average 50–100Mbps wireless access
  • All-fibre Ruckus access switches (7150-24/48F)
  • In-room fibre-connected APs (H510 with SFP add-on “shroud” = “F510”)
  • APs have IoT wireless capability built-in

On-site office

  • Layer 2/layer 3 routed service with hand-off to landlord's WAN
  • MPLS with differentiated class-of-service for different types of traffic
  • Private WLAN for customer's employees
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