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Glide Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI)

Our SFI™ solution delivers a seamless fibre network to each apartment for fully integrated connectivity

Glide's innovative full-fibre network delivers a robust, efficient and truly joined-up connectivity solution for high-density student and Build-to-Rent accommodation.

With SFI, you'll see significant operational and tenant-satisfaction gains, while reducing overall costs and faults, and safeguarding your future provision.

You’ll win all round. The benefits of SFI™

10Gbps+ ready networks to future-proof the building

Supports landlord/owner-operator, and third-party services

Supports FIRS on the same network

Minimal footprint frees up space for more or larger rooms

Reduced energy consumption, and lower operating temperatures

Allows for phased project delivery

A single fibre network reduces the potential for failure

Flexibility to deliver services to the apartment you've not even thought of yet

Save space

Traditional copper cables have limited range meaning comms rooms are needed throughout a large building to extend service to all parts. Fibre needs only one comms room per building, the cables are also tiny relative to copper cabling and you'll need far fewer of them.

Save space

A typical 1200 room development introducing SFI™ could create 10 extra rooms. Over 10 years that could equal £1M extra rental income.

SFI™ systems diagram

Move to a single comms room

You'll see increased tenant satisfaction with reliable, fast services and a rapid response time to enquiries from our expert support team; and we can provide a range of smart solutions to enhance your operational and building management processes.

Increased tenant satisfaction


Traditional copper cables have limited range meaning comms rooms are needed throughout a large building to extend service to all parts.

Our full-fibre infrastructure enables us to deliver a customisable range of television and DAB radio services to every room, minimising the number of antennae and satellite dishes on your property, saving the cost of a separate distribution network and giving you control.

Fibre integrated reception system

Product tech spec

  • Four fibre cores to each room/apartment, with LC terminations
  • Cat6 cabling from home hub box to RJ45 outlets (Cat 6e,7 cabling options)
  • Coax cabling to quad-plates (SATx2,DTV,FM) (option)
  • High-density ODF (144 fibres in 3U) in comms room cabinet
Smart Fibre Infrastructure™
SFI™ from Glide is a cutting edge full fibre network that maximises space, reduces costs, adds value and ultimately, future-proofs your building – responding to the needs of tomorrow’s tenants, today. Just enter your information into the fields below and get a quick quote now
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