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Smart technology

With SFI™ as the foundation, layered with exceptional connectivity and fully integrated with smart technology, our end-to-end solution is designed to maximise your residents' wellbeing while significantly reducing operational costs

Guy using mobile phone
Guy using mobile phone
Your building management systems are integral to cost-saving, environmental protection and resident welfare

Find out how Smart Block 2020 can give you the granular data and control you need to build a safe and healthy community, and to see significant improvements in your operational efficiency.

Convincing people to relinquish their home-owning aspirations takes more than a run-of-the mill residential block; while expectations are low, the building and it's integrated services must stack up as an alternative to buying.

We have researched in detail the status of the BTR sector in terms of smart block technology, and put together an achievable 2020 vision for future-proof developments that have a positive impact on investors and developers, and on the community living in the building.

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Something we can install today that will deliver value from the day the doors are opened. A vision that changes perceptions and demonstrates that solutions are within reach. That vision is called Smart Block 2020.
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Submetering empowers you to better manage your building, with accurate, reliable metering data and increased resident confidence. You gain flexibility in measurement and billing – for example, bills inclusive or PAYG – and by doing so, you maximise the value of your building and reduce the potential for faults.

  • Valuable insight into how efficiently a building is operating
  • Analysis on resident activity and occupancy levels
  • Sub-network architecture allows for phased project delivery


  • Electricity, water and gas supplied to the building metered in bulk
  • Every meter supplied by a single supplier brings install and support costs down
  • Landlord has option to select from energy suppliers based on price or eco credentials
  • Utility is distributed around building and each apartment sub-metered and monitored
  • Landlord has access to all data to drive efficiencies and cost savings

Submetering brings flexibility and simplification. The chance to save money on tariffs, and to collect data to be analysed and learnt from. It’s the gateway to data.

Managed thermostat heating

Give your residents smart control over their heating, without losing overall control and sight of your building's energy use and efficiency. And you'll be able to address faults before they become a problem, and deal with issues on site, reducing lead time and callouts.

Landlord benefits

  • Heating performance data available on apartment by apartment basis
  • Heating schedules can be centrally managed
  • Vacant apartments to be switched off, cap heat availability and temperatures

Resident benefits

  • System intelligence ensures apartment temperature is better managed
  • Service updates and guidance on how to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption
  • Understand environmental and cost implications of different heating schedules


  • Intelligent thermostats deployed and designed to save energy and reduce bills
  • Connected to user devices to drive location-based heating
  • Intuitive resident experience using native technology e.g. smartphone controls
  • Deployed as part of a Building Management Systems (BMS) and building-wide control of HVAC

Water escape

Monitor your building's water flows, and detect costly leaks before they become a serious issue, mitigating the risk of damage and loss of income.

  • Reduced insurance premiums can pay for the installation of the system
  • Wireless connectivity provides low entry-level investment to install the system and offsite controls
  • Reporting dashboards indicate potential additional operational savings


  • Detection and alerts of standing water, excess humidity and freezing conditions
  • Automatic stopcocks limits damage to the property
  • App allows resident or building manager to isolate water supply to specific areas

Smart water monitoring is also considered proactive by insurers; with £2.5m paid out every day in 'Escape of Water' claims, protection against leaks can help lower premiums and avoid damaged reputations.

Smart Connectivity & BIoT

Our pervasive wireless solutions – for example, Wi-Fi plus low-power radio protocols such as Bluetooth and Zigbee – integrate and streamline any smart technology deployed in your building.

The better your smart devices work together, the better your residents' experience, and the more efficiently your building operates. As connectivity requirements increase, the need for a unified system to join up the dots increases too; that’s what we provide.

Access control

Secure keyless door entry means keys and fobs cannot be lost or stolen, and door access may be assigned or removed remotely using the access management system.

  • Flexible access rights so access to certain internal areas may be restricted to those with relevant authority and during specific time periods
  • No limits to the number of total IP-based access controllers
  • No additional structured cabling


  • Secure online connectivity for managing access control
  • On-line locks provide BIoT opportunities to integrate services and enrich resident experience
  • Identify users by interacting with Bluetooth enabled smart devices, which can then be used to open doors


Our HD IP CCTV systems require fewer cameras and staff, less storage space and are more accessible, all contributing to better ROI.

  • 24/7 service desk support
  • Remote camera monitoring
  • Remote video storage and monitoring
  • Contracted site visits


  • CCTV is no longer a standalone sale but part of a network upgrade
  • System design, install, configure and test:
    • CCTV cameras
    • Network video recorder
    • Monitoring PC
    • Video management software

The instant connectivity provided by Glide was a significant bonus for us. Not only do we benefit from being able to roll the cost of the internet service into our rental costs, but we also benefit from the 24/7 customer services provided by the team

Dan Brooks Sales Manager, Director, Moda Living
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