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Our bespoke Build-to-Rent solutions are designed to put you in control of your properties, and put your residents in control of their lives

Infrastructure and connectivity for the build to rent sector
Infrastructure and connectivity for the build to rent sector
As one of the first Build-to-Rent developments to unlock the potential of wireless, IoT and smart technology your project will offer a unique resident experience. Residents will encounter communal Wi-Fi first so it needs to be fast and create an impression.

Glide’s future-proof infrastructure will be flexible and continue to meet growing expectations with faster Wi-Fi, connecting the latest devices, installing submeters, smart thermostats, improving the environment and more.

Glide partners with residential providers around the UK to deliver award-winning, full-fibre managed solutions and amazing resident experiences for your buildings.

Instant, day-one connectivity for your residents

Future-proof speeds and services

Full support service for you and your residents

Building Internet of Things (BIoT)


For landlords

Future-proof investment

Delivering on Build-to-Rent investments relies on full occupancy of the building. Glide ensures the technology available for both operational teams and residents will continue to meet the demand for at least 50 years.

Future-proof infrastructure

SFI™ fibre technology is more advanced, resilient and flexible so Wi-Fi speeds can be increased to meet demand and smart protocols can be introduced to support consumer IoT (Internet of Things).

Landlord owns the infrastructure

Future-proof infrastructure is owned by the landlord and supported by Glide for the duration of the contract. This added peace of mind empowers operators to extract every discernable operational efficiency.

Maximise resident satisfaction

Dependency on fast, reliable, pervasive and high speed Wi–Fi will only increase as the need for higher bandwidth entertainment increases and services move to the cloud.

  • Ultra fast broadband up to 1 Gig/sec
  • Best in Class 802.11ac wireless standards
  • Connectivity for unlimited devices
  • Free office internet access
  • Single fee per apartment per annum
  • 24/7/365 multilingual service support

For residents

No waiting, no set up. Fast Wi-Fi is always available. Utilities in the building are intelligently managed so cost savings can be passed on to residents and reinvested into enriching the environment, creating a sense of community and making people happier and healthier.

Number of homesUnlimited
BroadbandFTTH – Fibre to the Home*
Base speed service100Mbps ultrafast fibre broadband
Upgrades available200Mbps, 300Mbps and 1,000Mbps available
Broadband roadmapNot included, but is available on request

* FTTH is a dedicated fibre circuit / service delivered directly into the building within the comms room, or agreed entry point into the building that will house the comms cabinet and network.


SFI™ is much more than super-fast broadband and pervasive wireless. Investing in a future-proofed infrastructure today ensures your property stays relevant, competitive and occupied and will be a place that residents will want to live in for generations.

  • Ultra-fast pervasive broadband
  • TV/entertainment services
  • Submetering
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Limitless capacity
Smart fibre infrastructure

BTR developers and owner-operators need broadband that can fulfil the streaming, browsing and downloading expectations of their resident students. Glide offers a managed, modular solution to BTR connectivity, including:

  • Pre-arrival registration and user onboarding
  • Super-fast connections and simple authentication
  • All-fibre access switches
  • In-room fibre-connected Wi-Fi access points
  • Access points with IoT wireless capability built-in
BTR broadband and wifi

Smart technologies packaged into one robust managed service. New technologies can be integrated easily through a defined framework with single data sets and dashboards to monitor, maintain and provide cost saving insights.

Data analytics

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