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Connectivity & smart technologies

Future-proof fibre infrastructure & smart connectivity for residential and student accommodation developments

Connectivity & smart technologies
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Glide offers a range of bespoke, state-of-the-art fibre residential solutions for universities, HE establishments, and property developers/consultants.

Our integrated approach means your residents get reliable and super-fast services, and you can measure and manage your building for optimal flexibility and efficiency.

Why choose Glide connectivity & smart solutions?

Future-proof investments with infrastructure that meets operational demands for 50 years

Fast, reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi and fibre broadband

Smart technology that delivers operational efficiency and maximises resident satisfaction

Owned by you, managed by us, giving you optimal flexibility and control over your building

Seven in ten students (70%)* consider themselves an environmentalist as opposed to less than half of the general public (46%). Deploying Glide's smart solutions means you're continually optimising your energy use and environmental impact, so increasing your appeal and user experience, leading to better reviews and fewer complaints.

Environment matters

For decades, we’ve been known for delivering exceptional connectivity and original solutions to the best universities and biggest businesses in the country. And, unlike many telecoms giants, we build the cabling infrastructure that makes connecting to our own fibre broadband possible, so you can be sure you're signing up for a bullet- and future-proof service.

Why Glide?

Working with Glide was very easy, they’ve come in with innovative technology and told us the best way to go about the installation process. The systems are cutting edge and are something that Liverpool has never seen.

Daniel Hynd Managing Director of Promenade Estates

We decided we needed a specialist, who could do a quick installation and take responsibility for the service, and particularly for the support of the students. The process was very easy from our point of view.

Max Caines

We are really pleased to work alongside Glide Residential to ensure our residents enjoy superfast broadband. This has already helped us to more effectively market our property and attract new residents

Dominic Martin Head of Operations, Westrock

We now have an internet service that is absolutely best in class and is a model that we will look to replicate across our estate

Colum Anglin Regional Operations Director, iQ
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University of Exeter
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Something we can install today that will deliver value from the day the doors are opened. A vision that changes perceptions and demonstrates that solutions are within reach. That vision is called Smart Block 2020.
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