Glide Residential has added one of the largest PRS schemes outside of London to their ever growing Build-to-Rent portfolio. The Cargo Building scheme, located at Liverpool’s trendy Baltic Triangle, consists of 324 one, two and three bed luxury rental apartments.

Customer need

Promenade Estates, the Liverpool based property developer overseeing the project, aims to create not only a community feel, but a place that people want to live in by expertly incorporating the needs and values of its’ residents. Meeting rooms, a café, social area, gym, concierge and free Wi-Fi available both inside and the external seating area help create an area that people really want to live in.

We interviewed Daniel Hynd, the Managing Director of Promenade Estates, who explained how they wanted to bring cutting edge living to Liverpool by having a hotel living experience in an apartment building. This is a real benefit for tenant retention whilst also helping to attract tenants in the first place./p>

Our recent whitepaper showed that 69% of young professionals think fast and reliable Wi-Fi is an important factor when looking for rented property. A massive 96% said the thing that most frustrated them about moving was going without the internet. Glide Residential solves this issue by ensuring residents can get online the day they move in.

The solution

By providing free 30Mbit/s fibre broadband to every room, Baltic Village is the first scheme of its’ kind. Residents will also have free Sky TV for 6 months, twin TV points and data points in every room, all of which is fully installed by Glide Residential before the resident moves in, so they can get connected the minute they arrive. Tenants also benefit from Glide Residential’s 24/7/365 support service.

Paul Eaton, the Commercial Manager for Glide Residential explained how “Glide Residential understands that high speed internet connectivity has become an essential expectation of renting, especially for the young professionals that make up a considerable amount of the Build-to-Rent target market.”

It sounds simple, but anything that brings people together and helps them interact goes a long way to reinforcing the appeal of a place to live. Research shows that it helps reduce tenant churn and boost customer satisfaction levels. Fast connectivity has rapidly become a given factor. If you don’t provide it, you’re not in the game. It’s been a pleasurably straight-forward process working with Glide Residential. Designing and installing the infrastructure was seamless and functioned effectively from the start. We know our customers will benefit from day one of their tenancies

Peter Hynd, Chairman of Promenade Estates