The challenge

7 Graphics Ltd first opened its doors in 2019. The company aimed to provide premium print services ranging from specialised signs, vehicle graphics, printed graphics, banners, posters, etc.

The company aimed to enhance its customer base by providing an outstanding service, which meant the business had a demand for an equally outstanding connection to support its software, artwork and production speed.

However, upon moving into the company building and establishing themselves in their new workspace, they were met with significant disruption to workflow – the highest speed available was 5/mbs.

Getting to the core of their connectivity

The slow connectivity decreased the efficiency of 7 Graphics. It slowed down employees day to day tasks from design to production as the transfer of large documents internally and externally inhibited productivity completely.

ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) is available to most businesses - and is what 7 Graphics was utilising. This option doesn’t cut it when supplying a business with broadband, especially when they’re constantly required to send large PDF’s regularly; it only threatens the growth of the company.

The solution

With the industry standard for contention at a ratio of 20:1, Glide offered 7 Graphics a 1:1 with its fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology, allowing unlimited data usage of 100mbit/s upload and download speed, the company had the opportunity for a symmetrical fibre connection that could resume its expanse.

After opting for Glide’s superfast business broadband, 7 Graphics upgraded their speed using Glide’s network. Initially, with a speed of 5/mbs, the FTTC option provided left Rory Spick, Director at Seven Graphics, saying this:

“We now get 100mbps that constantly never drops and is the most reliable provided I’ve ever used.”

The benefits

A jump from 5/mbs to 100/Mbps has improved 7 Graphics productivity exponentially. This significant increase has streamlined communication internally between employees and externally to the customers as upload and download speeds have more than quadrupled. Roy continued to say:

“We can now turn around large print jobs same day, which helped boost our turnover significantly!”

The technology provided by Glide will continue to support the growth of 7 Graphics as it moves forward in the industry to a more digitalised approach to its operations.

“We couldn’t download software or artwork; production was seriously hampered.

Switching to Glide was one of the best decisions we made. We constantly get 100mbps that never drops. They’re reliable, and we can now turn around large print jobs the same day, which helped boost our turnover significantly!

We highly recommend switching to Glide for perfect customer service and internet performance. “

- Rory Spick, Director at Seven Graphics