Glide Residential is pleased to announce their collaboration with Moda Living, one of the leading Build To Rent developers in the market. As one of the first developers to actually be delivering schemes in the market, Moda have become thought leaders in the sector by providing inclusive residential communities. Partnering with Glide Residential, the leading provider of managed internet services for the Build to Rent sector, ensures that sites are designed with developers, landlords and their residents in mind.

Customer need

Currently, Moda have a development pipeline of over 6,000 apartments including Angel Gardens, one of the biggest PRS deals outside of London. Dan Brooks from Moda Living outlines their approach as being “not in the property development industry, but in the lifestyle sector. Our aim is to provide a lifestyle, not a landlord, by creating inclusive social living that expertly blends work and play for our residents. We place the customer experience at the heart of our proposition, and strive to make living in our developments a lifestyle choice by combining modern technology with stylish, contemporary living spaces.”

Developments such as Angel Gardens in Manchester include a hotel style lobby designed for people to meet, relax and recharge, along with communal gardens, meeting rooms, resident lounges, and cinema rooms to help create a social community space. A concierge and on-site management team are available 24/7, helping to ensure that their residents receive the best service possible.

Whilst Build To Rent is usually targeted at the young professional demographic, Moda’s diverse customer mix ranges from Generation Y (otherwise known as millennials, the generation born in the 1980s and 1990’s) right up to ‘silver surfers’ who also benefit from a social, co-living environment.

In recent research by Glide Residential, 96% of young professionals said they would be or have been frustrated at having no internet access when moving into a new property, and 80% said high speed internet connectivity was an essential part of renting.

The solution

This commitment to outstanding customer experience is mirrored in Glide Residential’s service offering. Meri Braziel, Chief Operating Officer for Glide, explains how “having instant internet access helps solve a common annoyance from the millennial demographic who rely on the internet. It can be really frustrating having to wait to be connected when moving in. At Glide Residential, we understand that millennials have increasingly high expectations from renting, so by providing instant connectivity to residents from the day they move in, we give them one less thing to worry about”.

By opting for Glide Residential’s unique Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ (SFI™) solution, Moda are not only cabling their building in a much simpler and faster way, but future proofing their building. They will also have complete flexibility over the services offered to residents including super-fast Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi controlled lighting and Smart Metering to name just a few.

Our aim is to provide a lifestyle, not a landlord, by creating inclusive social living that expertly blends work and play for our residents.'

Dan Brooks, Moda Living