Here’s what happened when we took Future Lets’ Wi-Fi to the next level...

At Coventry University, student satisfaction is everything - from academic studies to the place they call home each semester. The National Student Survey showed an impressive 87% of their students were happy with the experience they’d had, demonstrating their efforts are clearly paying off.

Customer need

With the aim of raising that number even higher this academic year, Future Lets, the managing agent for Coventry University accommodation, wanted to further improve their services by offering their best ever Wi-Fi service, and we had just the solution for them…

We’d been working with Future Lets for a number of years, managing 75% of their Wi-Fi coverage, so we were excited when they asked us to manage 100% of their service in September last year.

Not only that, but they also wanted us to revolutionise their existing service, so that they could offer students a home from home experience. They wanted to give their students the same connectivity they were used to at home, to ease the transition to university by making them feel as comfortable as possible from day 1.

The solution

Glide now run a fully managed internet service for 100% of Future Lets properties. Through our HomeNetwork, students are able to connect multiple devices at once to a seamless, speedy Wi-Fi service. During arrivals week, students could get online as soon as they moved in and with the Wi-Fi being so easy to set up and the system saving their password, they didn’t need to repeatedly log-on, making it a quick and easy experience.

Students can now connect in communal areas such as common rooms and outdoor seating areas, meaning they aren’t limited to their room or kitchen to use the Wi-Fi. By managing 100% of the internet service, we’ve been a huge support to Future Lets and now have an even better relationship after exceeding their expectations.

Glide provided the best service for what we needed. I felt that they were really true partners with the university

Niall Mullarky, IT Services Project Manager, Coventry University

We’re excited to continue working with Coventry University and Future Lets, providing fast, reliable connectivity to help them achieve their goals and enable their students to have the best experience possible.