Fourpure are a renowned, award-winning brewer, delighting taste buds across the UK with their range of innovative beer. With their roots in London, the brewer found itself in an area of the country's capital where average speeds hovered around 17.9 mbit/s download and 6.1 mbit/s upload. 

The challenge

London brewer Fourpure found no delight from its ADSL internet, and with rapid growth planned they knew they had to change their connectivity. Glide's fibre network reaching Bermondsey Trading Estate signaled quite an adventure to be had.

Despite being founded in 2013, the company realised impressive growth. Unfortunately, the development of its digital infrastructure with limited by an ADSL connection that provided speeds and reliability that couldn't match its trajectory.   

" The ADSL was terrible. We were receiving speeds of around 2 mbit/s and at time an intermittent service. The internet was fundamental to the business, and we were in need of something more reliable from a provider that offered pure connectivity with low maintenance" Dan Lowe, CEO, Fourpure

When you consider companies that 'need' a strong, reliable internet connection, perhaps brewers aren't the first to come to mind. However, Fourpure sits within an industry that continues to see explosive growth. That necessitates more staff, better quality systems, and the broadband to underpin anything from sales through to coordinating distribution and collection of beer. 

The solution

Fast-forward to 2016, Fourpure's ADSL broadband had to go. With Dan's experience in the IT industry as a solid grounding, he took to searching for a solution that would fit Fourpure's current circumstances and well into the future. That ended with Glide and this began their fibre broadband adventure. 

Knowing that Glide specialised in providing a type of internet that companies could truly rely on, and the support to offer peace of mind and stability, it was simple, yet logical decision to make. Their first service with Glide was February 2016, where Dan and the team secured 100 mbit/s Fibre Leased Line connection. 

"The Fibre Leased Line is fantastic. It's exactly what we need. The new speeds are bringing lots of benefits, and the SLAs make a world of difference. And although bandwidth is important, the key element is the latency which affects our operational time. Bottom line. It is critical for the business to have high quality connectivity, and this offers just that."

Dan Lowe, CEO, Fourpure 

The Fibre Leased Line offered the London-based site unlimited data and uncontended connectivity, and supplied the SLAs and future proofing that ADSL simply couldn't. 

Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Moving into the future, Fourpure are taking advantage of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme through Glide. Offering companies up to £2,500 off the installation of gigabit-capable broadband and up to 1 gbit/s. the Government's gigabit voucher scheme has been a game changer for businesses like Fourpure. 

"If you want a business level service, you need to get a business level solution. Cost shouldn't be the only concern. Having business-grade broadband give your business a level of connectivity that you won't get elsewhere."