When West Midlands based computer specialists Gigante Computers realised their connectivity was impacting productivity and business operations, it decided it was time to unleash the benefits of fibre broadband through the gigabit broadband voucher scheme.

The challenge

When it came to connectivity, Gigante Computers, a Coventry-based one-stop-shop for all computing needs, truly needed the reliability, stability and ultrafast speeds that came with unleashing fibre broadband.

The nature of their work speaks to this - they buy and sell top quality new and refurbished laptops, computers, consoles and games, as well as offering a suite of repair services and remote support options.

Unfortunately for Gigante, their connection was anything but.

Gigante faced internet connectivity problems in the past, due to the location of the workshop premises which is where the main bulk of work is carried out. Located a fair distance from the telephone exchange, the performance of their existing ADSL was extremely poor and unreliable, with only 1.5 mbit/s.

This impacted many aspects of work: not only was workshop productivity suffering, but it made updating and developing the company website a frustrating task.

The solution

Seeking a better connection for his business, company owner Stephen King reached out to Glide to make an initial enquiry about upgrading to full fibre broadband to the premise.

When he spoke to Glide he was immediately informed of their involvement in the government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, which offers qualifying SMEs free installation and upgrade to an ultrafast service.

"This was crucial as it would have been well out of our budget without this. In our case, we were already sold on the benefits of gigabit-capable full fibre broadband, but cost was always going to be the main obstacle. The voucher scheme made everything possible."

And when it came to the actual process of upgrading, Glide's experience in delivering gigabit connectivity meant that Gigante could rely on a hassle free, swift upgrade process.

The great news for Gigante was that it didn't take long before their new connection proved its worth. In no time at all, Gigante began to see a number of benefits from its business built, ultrafast broadband...

The benefits

The benefits of Gigante's gigabit connection speak for themselves.

With their full fibre broadband, Gigante reaped the rewards of improved workshop productivity, and found itself in a position to redevelop and upgrade the company website.

There have been other boosts, too:

"It may seem minor, but our card machine now processes payments for customers much faster, which has improved the customer experience.” Unexpected, welcome benefits also include cost savings made by now being able to host their remote support server in house."

Thanks to future proofing their infrastructure, the company now has plans for a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system to deploy a unified communications strategy.

In our case, we were already sold on the benefits of gigabit-capable full fibre broadband, but cost was always going to be the main obstacle. The voucher scheme made everything possible. The upgrade was delivered ahead of the quoted lead time. Infrastructure installation was carried out only a few weeks after our order was confirmed and took only half a day for the Glide engineers to complete.

Stephen King, Owner, Gigante Computers

All set to unleash fibre broadband?

Gigante Computers made a positive decision to change their broadband fortunes.

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