The challenge

Barton Telecom Services are a family-run Telecommunications provider based in Northamptonshire, which has been operating since 1995. We have been supplying services for many years and when we saw that Glide had introduced a partner program, we jumped at the chance to join them.

In Northamptonshire, most of the major industrial estates don’t have any standard BT fibre products (FTTC, FTTP) available, due to a lack of investment in the infrastructure. The only viable options available are leased lines or ADSL.

Getting to the core of their connectivity

Leased lines can be very costly and we all know how poor the speeds of ADSL connections are. This obviously caused problems to our customers, plus it also made it more difficult to provide additional services such as VOIP products. That was until Glide came along and invested heavily in their own fibre infrastructure.

Matthew Zok, Technical Director for Barton Telecom had this to say, “One example of where Glide have been able to help us is at a customer’s site in Daventry. This customer purchases properties and turns them into serviced offices. Obviously, a good internet is required, otherwise, people won’t want to work there. This site was a bit smaller than their previous sites, so a leased line wouldn’t have been cost-effective.”

The solution

Glide offers a range of affordable FTTC, FTTP and leased line products to suit all our customer’s needs. The FTTP in particular is a fantastic and very reliable product with speeds ranging from 100mb to 500mb.

    Barton Telecom discussed the products available with the customer and concluded that the 100/100mb FTTP product would do exactly what they wanted. Then with the help of the Glide team, the FTTP was installed hassle-free and to a good standard. Now the customer’s tenants can work there happily, with a good internet connection for any voice or data products that they choose to use.

    “With the help of Glide, we have been able to offer our customers a fast, reliable fibre service at an affordable price. The product and the on-going support make using them an easy business decision.”

    Matthew Zok, Technical Director, Barton Telecom Services Ltd